IT essentials (for non-IT professionals)

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Availability                        : 90 days
Study effort                      : 3 hours per week
Downloads                       : Used slides and Glossary
Target audience/agenda: See on youtube or read the description on our
Study anywhere/anytime: An App for iOS and Android is available here
Blended learning             : Contact us to combine this online course with a
                                             classroom session or request a Skype or 
                                             Microsoft Teams session 
In this day and age we can’t live without IT. IT is essential for a modern business and IT is of great influence on our lives. This IT Essentials training will give you control in IT decisions being made in your business, for example when acquiring software. You will gain the knowledge to participate in IT discussions and challenge IT professionals in design choices being made. After attending this training you will gain control of your IT costs. 
This online course can be combined with our classroom courses: Masterclass Digital Transformation or Web Applications, Infrastructure and Security 
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IT Essentials training (for non-IT professionals)